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The uber length of virgin remy hair

Lady Gaga and Katie Perry truly energized things up with their locks on celebrity central. Lady Gaga had long wavy hair with blue clues and a rich hat and Katie Perry had exquisite twists with some fun blue, pink and purple streaks!

Ke$ha was looking fab and in vogue on celebrity lane with her super quiff and fishtail which are both gigantic right now. The uber length of her virgin remy hair  made this style emerge!!

You can re-make Ke$ha's look with a 24-26" full head set in California Highlgihts. To add a super quiff to your own extensions take after our basic well ordered manual for making the ideal Super Quiff and afterward entire the look by pulling all your hair around and plaiting it into an in vogue Fishtail!!

Vocalist Ciara ventured out with lovely characteristic looking twists! A 16-18" full head in Soho Black would be immaculate in the event that you need a style like Ciara. Apply some warmth assurance splash to your hair and virgin remy hair  and include some dazzling twists with your hair curling accessories.

Performing artist Emma Stone was looking delightful in a jazzy dark cowhide look dress and with regular waves to her hair! Shade Melted Chocolate would be a decent match for Emma's look on celebrity main street, and to add some common waves to your hair and virgin remy hair  extensions, include some brisk twists with your fixing irons and after that run your fingers through to slacken them ideal out. Add a side periphery to this look to truly set it off!!

Also, obviously we couldn't say the MTV VMA's without investigating the young ladies from 'The Hills' who were all looking awesome on celebrity main street!!

Audrina went for the poker straight look where as Stephanie Pratt had perfect twists in her locks and Lo Bosworth had her hair in a chic side pig tail with some delicate twists.

'Eat, Pray, Love' London Film Premiere – 22nd September

Julia Roberts, star of sentimental film 'Eat, Love, Pray' created an impression on celebrity main street for the London debut in an advanced and dazzling white suit and her hair was looking perfect as well!!

Julia kept her locks straightforward with some delicate waves that wonderfully complimented her general look.

To re-make Julia's style, you could go for a 20-22" full head set in shade Espresso. To include some stunning, regular twists like Julia, utilize kind sized hvirgin remy hair  and delicately brush the twists through thereafter.

Odette Yustman wore a lovely consumed orange dress on celebrity lane and wore her hair in free twists cleared to the other side. Her style likewise had a clue of "Ombre" about it, keeping her on pattern with her hair!!

To re-make Odette's look, a 20-22" full head set in 'Frosted Coffee' would be exquisite (or on the off chance that you need to go for the "Ombre" style then investigate our Ombre Hair blog entry to perceive how to accomplish this), twist your hair and extensions utilizing kind sized hair curling accessories and afterward run your fingers through when you're done to release them marginally. Convey all your hair over to one shoulder for a more refined look and afterward apply a decent quality hairspray.

Jamie Lee Curtis and Sigourney Weaver turned up in coordinating silk greenish blue dresses for the night and both were staggering! Jamie had grasped her silver hair in a short stylish style and Sigourney had delicate twists in her medium length hair.

To have a style like Sigourney, a 12-14" full head set in Iced Coffee would be great. Include a few twists with your large virgin remy hair  accessories, brush them through somewhat and apply some hair splash.

What's more, the victor is...

We have heaps of beautiful women with heaps of exquisite virgin remy hair  to consider this month so it's been truly hard to pick a victor...

After much thought ... we chose that ... Ke$ha was most meriting the APOHAIR 'Best Hair Award', not exclusively was her style novel for the MTV VMA's, however she figured out how to join TWO fab styles with the 'super quiff' and the 'fishtail plait' and still force it off! These styles are both enormous right now and we cherished how she united them so innovatively ... she is certainly a merited champ this month!!

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