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If you are very curious to understand how to apply the human hair extensions using a liquid adhesive, just read ahead and understand the minutiae involved.

When you are using liquid glue, make sure you buy the one that is specially designed for this purpose. Try to make use of the glue that comes with the purchase of your human hair extensions. Make sure that you don’t apply too much of glue.

  1. First, fasten the front portion of the wig hair at the back so that you don’t have to apply glue to fasten the wig on your forehead. Ensure that you keep your real natural hair getting messed us with the glue.
  2. It’s at your discretion to wither remove the baby hair of your human hair extensions or have it as such.
  3. Now apply pressure and fix the human hair extensions on your head at the point where you applied the glue.
  4. Now go to the next point. Apply a thin layer of glue and press firmly so that the wig gets fixed firmly on your head.
  5. Repeat this process from edge to edge on your head and it’s done.

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